Ellen Von Wiegand

Linocut printmaker Ellen Von Wiegand places her battle with shyness at the centre of her work. By featuring her own nude body, she confronts her lifelong fear of being seen, and uses this insecurity as a tool for expression and connection.

A solitary female nude is seen in each of Ellen’s prints. Simple lines, elegant patterns and soft hues create spaces of calm for her figures. Meanwhile sloping postures and slight imperfection hint of an emotional struggle. While it is notable that it is Ellen’s own body we see in her prints, she doesn’t view her work as self-portraiture. Rather she hopes that viewers can find pieces of themselves in each image. Most important is the sense that we can recognise our perceived flaws as powerful instruments for teaching and growth, and not simply as defects to be overcome.

Ellen Von Wiegand has a background in Art History. She completed her Masters degree in Contemporary Art at Christie’s Education in 2011, and received her BA in Art History from John Cabot University, Rome in 2010. She began to develop an interest in printmaking while studying the linocuts of Picasso and Der Blaue Reiter during her time at Christie’s, and she is largely self-taught in the craft. Recent exhibitions include the 2018 Summer Exhibition at Number Four Gallery in St Abbs, Berwickshire, the 2018 Contemporary Craft Showcase at the Copeland Gallery in London and the ‘Windows’ exhibition at GX Gallery London, 2018. Her last solo show took place in 2017 at cueB gallery, London.