Dislocated Histories - series

David Crismon

"I felt it was appropriate to use an 'old' process, such as painting, to speak about a 'new' processes or technologies. Digital imaging, scans and photocopies alter and disseminate visual information heavily influencing how modern experience is perceived. By using and quoting from historical sources, I want to show history altering into a kind of abstract data.

"Technology renders history as something endlessly under construction. The past is subject to investigation, re–interpretation, splicing and editing. Consequently, various distortions and interferences of information occur.

"By displacing images from the past, into the present, my intention is to accentuate these changes; reconstructing various historical works where some information has been duplicated, altered or is missing altogether.

"Attempts to construct history into a reliable understanding of the world form a constantly shifting composite. an tenuous, fragmented, image where neither the past nor the present exist without the interference of the other."

-David Crismon